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Preparing for Our Trip


This weekend we are doing a trial pack and trying to get everything into one carry-on for each of us in order to avoid checking our bags. John is not optimistic, but I am determined to succeed. So many people we know have had issues with flights changing and baggage not catching up to them, and I would like to avoid that possibility. In addition, I want to travel as light as possible to make it easier to carry everything around. Having all the camera equipment will be heavy enough, so I don't want too many additional bags. In my opinion, vacationing should not be burdensome. Too much baggage can be just that. When Mom and I traveled to Africa, I thought I had taken the minimum possible. Boy was I delusional. I have vowed not to make that same mistake on this trip. We will pack tomorrow, wait a few days, and then try to eliminate any unnecessary items. We shall see in the coming days.

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